Transfer Your Credits




How to transfer your Favours (=credits):

  1. Type in the “Recipient” field the first letters of the member you would like to give credits to, to pay the favour you received. Once you start typing you will notice a drop-down menu with suggestions of the usernames of members to choose from. A minimum of 2 characters are required before a search is made. Use the username of a person, not his real name! Usernames are visible in the members’ page.
  2. Type in the “Amount” field the amount of Favours (=credits) to transfer. If you agreed on time rather than credits, remember the conversion rates: 15 mins=1 credit, 30 mins=2 credits, 45 mins=3 credits, 60 mins= 4 credits, etc
  3. Write in the “Message” field the type of favour received (for example, gardening or help in the house or fixing the bike) and, if you want, a comment on how the member did – positive or negative. For example: “The kayaking trip to Lambay Island has been amazing. Dermot was our guide and he has been great in showing us the beauty of the place. Thanks so much Dermot!”. You are free to leave negative comments if constructive (for example: “Dermot was the guide in my kayaking trip to Lambay Island. I didn’t enjoy it, as it was a bit dangerous and I didn’t feel completely safe. I would recommend a trip with Dermot only if you are a good kayaker, not if you are a beginner“). However, please do not offend anybody and use a polite language. This message will appear in your Credit History and in the Credit History of the person offering the favour, like a bank statement and will be visible to all the members. All the comments you leave will be useful to the other members when deciding whether to receive a favour from a person or not.
  4. Click on Transfer. That’s it!

Lusk, Rush, Skerries Favour Exchange Community

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