Introduction of yourself

I am an eager worker who enjoys being outdoors.
I have been living in Rush 25 years and I work in Lusk.
I am a teacher by profession but have a wide variety of interests and skills.

Skills offered

Animals/pets – Chicken killing, Animals/pets – Help and advice with keeping poultry and goats, Arts + crafts – Others, Business skills – Leadership skills, Business skills – Organising an event, Business skills – Project development, Business skills – Project management, Business skills – Report writing; formal letter writing, Business skills – Speaking and formal presentations, Business skills – Writing skills, Cooking/catering – Catering, Education/care – Helping children with reading and comprehension (Garda vetted), Gardening – Advice on growing veg in small gardens, Gardening – Border planting, Gardening – Coppicing, Gardening – Gardening design and layout, Gardening – Gardening Planning, Gardening – Grass cutting, Gardening – Growing organic veg, Gardening – Landscaping, Gardening – Lawn mowing, Gardening – Permaculture, Gardening – Poly tunnels, Gardening – Tree cutting, Gardening – Tree planting, Gardening – Vermicomposting, Gardening – Weeding and border care, pruning, cleaning and clearing, Sport and leisure – Kayaking

Qualifications and experiences

B. Ed
H. Dip Special Education
Many years experience in environmental education
Many years experience in horticulture, small-holding and gardening.

Terms and Conditions Acceptance

Yes, I have read and accept the RFE guidelines


Current balance91.00

Lusk, Rush, Skerries Favour Exchange Community

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