Introduction of yourself

I live in North county Dublin.

Skills offered

Arts + crafts – Art and design, Arts + crafts – Art from re-cycled materials, Arts + crafts – Craft making, Arts + crafts – Face painting, Arts + crafts – Mosaics, Arts + crafts – Others, Building and decorating – Painting, Business skills – Brochures, logos, artwork, graphic design, Business skills – Graphic design, Computers/technology – How to use Internet, Computers/technology – How to use your computer, Education/care – Helping children with reading and comprehension, Education/care – Others, Gardening – Border planting, Gardening – Grass cutting, Gardening – Lawn mowing, Gardening – Others, Gardening – Weeding and border care, pruning, cleaning and clearing, Household – Cleaning out closets, Household – Darning and Mending, Household – De-cluttering rooms, Household – Garden/exterior maintainance, Household – Ironing, Household – Loan of a sewing machine, Household – School book covering, Languages – English, Languages – French, Music – Guitar lessons

Qualifications and experiences

FETAC level 5 Graphic Design.
CAP/BEP flower arrangement.
FETAC level 5 business with computer

Terms and Conditions Acceptance

Yes, I have read and accept the Roots Favour Exchange Terms and Conditions


Current balance10.00

Lusk, Rush, Skerries Favour Exchange Community

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