Introduction of yourself

I am living in Rush the 2nd year but originally I am from Latvia. I have a Fetac 5 Cert. In Horticulture and from November 2014 I will start a Fetac level 6 in Market gardening. I do enjoy everything to do with plants as one can tell:) I am interested in foraging (have hands on experience in), craft making, painting, cooking, gardening and tree huging:)

Skills offered

Arts + crafts – Art from re-cycled materials, Arts + crafts – Craft making, Arts + crafts – Mosaics, Arts + crafts – Murals, Arts + crafts – Others, Computers/technology – Computer skills for beginners, Computers/technology – How to use emails, Computers/technology – How to use Internet, Computers/technology – How to use your computer, Cooking/catering – Others, Gardening – Growing organic veg, Gardening – Growing veg in small gardens advice, Gardening – Tree planting, Gardening – Weeding and border care, pruning, cleaning and clearing, Household – Finding things on ebay, Languages – Others, Web Design – Basic blogging

Qualifications and experiences

1) 4 Years unconventional education course in Denmark in Teaching and Education,
2) Fetac 5 in Horticulture at National Botanic gardens Glasnevin
3) I have been making crafts and painting now as my hobby for a few years now. Have sold my creations in craft fairs in Ireland and Berlin, Germany.
I have made couple of murals as well a redocorated my parents bathroom in a moasic technique. I have my own facebook page and a blog where you can see what I do. (,

Terms and Conditions Acceptance

Yes, I have read and accept the Roots Favour Exchange Terms and Conditions


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