How It Works

Are you looking for a favour? It’s very easy:

  1. Register for free here. You can exchange favours only if you register!
  2. Look for skills offered by the members or you leave a note in the Asks board or open a topic in the forum
  3. Have you found somebody with the skills you are looking for? Great! Now contact the person by email or phone to agree with him/her on the date and favours
  4. Inform us filling in the contact for, so we can keep track of all the favours exchanged. Please do that in advance, before receving the favour.
  5. Get your favour!
  6. Transfer the agreed credit (=pay the favour through your credits) to the person who did the favour.  It’s like a bank transfer: go to the Transfer Credit page, specify the number of favours to give to that person and explain the reason of the transfer. Once you transfer your credit, both your credit balance and the credit balance of the other person will automatically reflect the transaction. For example, John helps you to clean your windows, so you transfer 2 credits to John, and then you will have -2 in your balance and John will see +2. You will see your updated credit in the sidebar on the left, or clicking on My History in your profile page (to get access to your profile page, click on Profile on the right sidebar once you log in).
  7. check your transfers and credits history. It’s like an online bank statement, but much easier to read!

That’s it!

Lusk, Rush, Skerries Favour Exchange Community

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