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    Minutes of Roots Favour Exchange website launch – Wed Feb 26th 2014

    What we agreed

    Support group

    • Dermot will administer the site (favours, queries, etc.)
    • Marco will provide IT support
    • Andreas will support Dermot
    • Glenn will promote membership via Facebook
    • Pat will support as needed


    1. We agreed the operation of the exchange is based on trust and goodwill – we considered a rating system for those who do favours but it might be awkward. We can add comments regarding at the time of transferring favours to the other person so let’s go with this for the time being. The onus is on the person looking for the favour to make sure the person they are dealing with is trustworthy and capable – perhaps check the transfer history of the person before contacting them or talk to someone who has already received favours from them to hear their experience.
    2. Marco has put terms and conditions on the website and all members must click an acceptance box every time they log in.
    3. We will encourage new members by offering 20 favours to a member who gets another person to join. (I see Dermot has since proposed 10 favours for any member joining and 5 favours every time they get someone else to join). Is everyone ok with Dermot’s suggestion?
    4. The unit will be “Favours” which are worth 15 minutes of effort. We discussed using the term “Credits” but did not go with this, as negative credits might not make sense and it sounds a bit commercial.
    5. Members start with 0 balance. If they get to +100 or -100 favours, Dermot will intervene to get the member to start taking/giving favours
    6. We don’t have any policy for refusing to allow a particular person to become a member. We will just have to monitor how this works in practise.
    7. We looked at the ASKS functionality – Marco also showed the forums which could also be used and would allow alerts to be sent to the originator – something which Andreas said would be useful
    8. The priority now is to grow the membership as much as possible so we build up a “critical mass”
    9. We took a vote on the 6 logos submitted to the competition and #5 was judged the most popular.


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    Pat, thanks for the minutes! I would add a couple of things.

    Another way to make sure the person you are dealing with is trustworthy and capable is to check his friends, perhaps he is friend of your friends, and you could contact them to ask about him. Just go to the page where all his friends are listed (http://rootsfavourexchange.com/members/, then click on the person name, then click on Friends), and see if you recognize any of his friends.

    Acceptance of Terms and Condition is compulsory both at the registration time and every time members log in. IF you do not tick the box, registration fails and log in does not work, prompting the log in page again and a message that you have to accept T&Cs.

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