What is Roots Favour Exchange (RFE)?

The Roots Favour Exchange is a place where you can get favours from people who live in Lusk, Rush and Skerries area – or give favours to people living in the area.

You may need a hand fixing your computer, need a bike repaired or want to learn Spanish. You can look for somebody to help you with your needs, or add your ask to the site and if someone can help then they can get in touch with you.

You can also offer your skills to others. You can offer to teach a skill, give away some DVDs or even give someone a hand moving furniture.

Who are we?

GIY Rush and ROOTS are the promoters of the project, which is open to everybody living in the area and willing to become a member.

What’s the purpose of RFE?

We want to reconnect people in their communities, save money, be creative, provide goods and services to each other in a nicer and healthier way, and while doing so, have fun! We aim at:

  • Creating a community based on sharing and giving rather than buying and selling
  • Reducing the need for money in a community that is short of cash
  • Building relationships based on shared interests

How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing! The entire Roots Favour Exchange system is based on everyone giving freely without any money or barter needed.

How does RFE work?

Please read the detailed instructions.

First, you need to become a member. Membership is free and opne to everybody living in the area.

Then, if you are in need of something, you look for skills offered by the other members and then contact the member. Alternatively, you create an ask and explain what it is you are looking for. If another member can help then they can reply to your ask and you can work out the details.

Then, you pay the person who gave you the favour trasferring to him the agreed amount of virtual currency called Favour (also called Credits in the website).

A Favour is worth a quarter-hour of work-time each (1 favour=15 mins, 2 favours=30 minutes, 3 favours=45 minutes etc).

The work you receive is paid by you to the member who did the job in favours, to the value of the time given.

If you for example receive 1 hour of guitar lesson, you will transfer 4 Favours to the guitar teacher.

The exchange must be notified in advance to the Committee through this form on the website.

The favour (credit) transfer is managed by you online in the website through the Credit Transfer page.

Why do I need to become a member?

You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the service in order to be able to get or give favours. You also need to tell the other members what skills you offer and your contact details.

Membership is free and open to anyone who agrees to these rules and the exchanging terms of the RFE.  Members can start exchanging as soon as they have registered their contact information and skills/help offers.

Why must I enter my address and my full name when I register?

This is to prevent that the same person creates multiple accounts to bypass the Favours debit limits, and in this way abuses the system, using the services of the other members without ever contributing to the system offering help to others.

The Committee monitors the users registered to prevent abuses.

How many favours can I have in my account?

Every member starts with zero Favours in his own account.

Every member can immediately start receiving or giving help to the other members in exchange of favours.

Balances of Favours must be kept within 100 credit or 100 debit limits (25 hours of work).

Exchanging is not allowed if either limit is reached without the consent of the committee.  However, appeals for greater spends for special projects or to meet special needs can be reviewed and agreed by the committee when requested.

Members who become too much in ‘debt’ or ‘credit’ will be helped by the membership secretary to bring their balance back within the agreed limits.

This is necessary because the system will work best if exchanging is roughly equal, and will meet its aims better if it is seen as fair.

Do I need to return the favour to the same person?

No. Favours are done without any expectation of a return favour or any payment in money. But you have to pay the person in Favours (also called Credits) from your account.

Of course you can do a favour to anyone else of the members and so increase the amount of Favours in your account.

What kind of favours can I get?

Just about anything if someone can do it. You can ask for things or help. You could ask if someone has a spare rocketship if you like. It doesn’t really matter what you ask for. Just ask!

Where do I see what other users offer?

You can search for specific skills using a few search options available. You can also check what a member offers on his/her profile. Go to the Members page, then select a member to check his profile in detail.

What do I do if I suspect that another user is abusing the RFE system?

If you suspect that a user is cheating with time or otherwise is 
dishonest, please contact us.

Lusk, Rush, Skerries Favour Exchange Community

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