Directory of Skills

Below is a directory of skills that could be potentially offered and shared by Roots Favour Exchange members. This list can help you to fill in your profile!


Animals/pets – Cat sitting
Animals/pets – Chicken killing
Animals/pets – Dog walking
Animals/pets – Exercise and train horses
Animals/pets – General advice on pet care
Animals/pets – Goats advice
Animals/pets – Healing treatment to all animals
Animals/pets – Land for grazing
Animals/pets – Looking after animals (big or small) for weekends/holiday
Animals/pets – Others
Animals/pets – Poultry advice
Animals/pets – Sheep advice

Arts + crafts

Arts + crafts – Art and design
Arts + crafts – Art and textile
Arts + crafts – Art and textile
Arts + crafts – Art from re-cycled materials
Arts + crafts – Ceramic
Arts + crafts – Clog making
Arts + crafts – Collograph
Arts + crafts – Craft making
Arts + crafts – Crochet
Arts + crafts – Drama
Arts + crafts – DVD/VHS for lending
Arts + crafts – Face painting
Arts + crafts – Felt
Arts + crafts – Flags and bunting
Arts + crafts – Graphic design
Arts + crafts – Juggling
Arts + crafts – Lino prints
Arts + crafts – Lino-cut
Arts + crafts – Mono silkscreen
Arts + crafts – Mosaics
Arts + crafts – Murals
Arts + crafts – Others
Arts + crafts – Photography
Arts + crafts – Poems on demand
Arts + crafts – Prints
Arts + crafts – Sculpture
Arts + crafts – Stained Glass
Arts + crafts – Weaving and spinning wool
Arts + crafts – Wooden carving

Building and decorating

Building and decorating – 3D modelling
Building and decorating – Architecture/design ideas
Building and decorating – Carpentry
Building and decorating – Construction cost advice
Building and decorating – Decorating
Building and decorating – Fitting fireplaces
Building and decorating – Flat pack assembly
Building and decorating – Furniture making
Building and decorating – General building
Building and decorating – General DIY
Building and decorating – Home improvements and maintenance
Building and decorating – Kitchen and bathroom refurbs
Building and decorating – Others
Building and decorating – Painting
Building and decorating – Planning and building regs advice
Building and decorating – Plumbing
Building and decorating – Property insurance claims advice
Building and decorating – Renovations/extensions or house projects
Building and decorating – Servicing and repairs
Building and decorating – Surveying
Building and decorating – Tiling
Building and decorating – Welding
Building and decorating – Woodwork

Business skills

Business skills – Accountancy
Business skills – Brochures, logos, artwork, graphic design
Business skills – Business guidance
Business skills – Chairing effective meetings
Business skills – Coach on supervising staff
Business skills – Disability Training
Business skills – Employment law compliance
Business skills – General PAYE queries
Business skills – Graphic design
Business skills – HR queries
Business skills – Implementing best practices and procedures
Business skills – Job descriptions and CV’s
Business skills – Leadership skills
Business skills – Organising an event
Business skills – Others
Business skills – Payroll advice
Business skills – Performance management/change management/
Business skills – Presentation skills including MS Word and PowerPoint
Business skills – Project development
Business skills – Project management
Business skills – Proofreading and editing academic papers, websites for businesses, reviews, articles
Business skills – Public Speaking
Business skills – Report writing; formal letter writing;;
Business skills – Speaking and formal presentations
Business skills – Strategic and operational planning both for companies and nonprofits
Business skills – Thesis binding
Business skills – Typing
Business skills – Writing skills


Cars/transport – Bike repair
Cars/transport – Car maintenance and repair
Cars/transport – Car service
Cars/transport – Car wash, oil change
Cars/transport – Driving a truck
Cars/transport – Lifts to and from Cork (airport runs/train station)
Cars/transport – Others
Cars/transport – Use of large van for collection or delivery


Computers/technology – Advice on network security and systems
Computers/technology – Browsing the web
Computers/technology – Cataloguing your books, C.D.s
Computers/technology – Computer skills for beginners
Computers/technology – Help with your computer
Computers/technology – Installing saorview boxes
Computers/technology – Mobile applications and design
Computers/technology – Mobile basic skills for the beginner
Computers/technology – Others
Computers/technology – Repairing PCs and laptops
Computers/technology – Secure data destruction.
Computers/technology – Teaching how to use internet, e-mail, digital photos, Skype
Computers/technology – Testing computer monitors


Cooking/catering – Baking
Cooking/catering – Birthday parties
Cooking/catering – Biscuits making
Cooking/catering – Breads
Cooking/catering – Cakes, muffins, cupcakes, desserts, biscuits etc offered
Cooking/catering – Catering
Cooking/catering – Chocolate Demonstrations
Cooking/catering – Cooking lessons
Cooking/catering – Everyday recipes
Cooking/catering – Handmade Chocolate Sweeties for special events
Cooking/catering – Indian food
Cooking/catering – Others
Cooking/catering – Smoking fish


Education/care – Alzheimers advice
Education/care – Awareness Training in disability
Education/care – Babysitting service (garda vetted)
Education/care – Calls to the elderly
Education/care – Care of the elderly
Education/care – Child Minding (Garda vetted)
Education/care – Drama
Education/care – Early years education
Education/care – Elocution
Education/care – English grinds
Education/care – Help the elderly
Education/care – Helping children with reading and comprehension
Education/care – Home-birthing advice (members offering must be qualified professional)
Education/care – Irish grinds
Education/care – Motivation Training
Education/care – Natural pregnancy advice
Education/care – Nutrition for Kids
Education/care – Others
Education/care – Personal, spiritual and pastoral awareness training
Education/care – Physics grinds
Education/care – Presentations/demonstrations/classes on a range of art procedures
Education/care – Special needs advice
Education/care – Special needs assistance


Energy – Advice on energy projects
Energy – Advice on renewable energy and efficiency
Energy – BER rating
Energy – Cutting and chopping firewood
Energy – Energy audit
Energy – Feasibility studies
Energy – Firewood cut from the forest to exchange
Energy – How to use wood as a heat source in a less polluting manner
Energy – Others
Energy – Wind farm technology


Gardening – Border planting
Gardening – Chain saw for cuttings small trees
Gardening – Coppicing
Gardening – Farm machinery
Gardening – Felling trees
Gardening – Gardening design and layout
Gardening – Gardening hedge trimming
Gardening – Gardening Planning
Gardening – Grass cutting
Gardening – Growing organic veg
Gardening – Growing veg in small gardens advice
Gardening – Landscaping
Gardening – Lawn mowing
Gardening – Others
Gardening – Permaculture
Gardening – Poly tunnels
Gardening – Tree cutting
Gardening – Tree planting
Gardening – Tree surgery
Gardening – Using lawnmowers, hedgecutters, strimmers, chainsaws and generators
Gardening – Vermicomposting
Gardening – Weeding and border care, pruning, cleaning and clearing

Health /healing/alternative medicine

Health /healing/alternative medicine – Acupuncture
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Alexander technique
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Astrology readings
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Bach Remedies
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Back care with Pilates techniques
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Biosolas Effortless Mantra Meditation
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Bowen Technique
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Chi Kung/Tai Chi
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Chinese Herbs consultation
Health /healing/alternative medicine – EMF (the electromagnetic field balancing technique)
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Healing, dowsing, rescue work and channeling
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Herbal and nutritional advice
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Homeopathic Consultation
Health /healing/alternative medicine – IET, access bars, crystal healing, tarot readings
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Kids nutrition
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Lifestyle Coaching
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Massage
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Medicine advice
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Meditation
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Meditation and relaxation techniques
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Natural remedies
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Nutritional therapy
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Osteopathy
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Others
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Pharmacy
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Reflexology
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Reflexology
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Reiki
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Shiatsu
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Teaching Homeopathy
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Vibrionic radionics machine healing
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Voice care sessions for professional voice users, such as teachers, public speakers, actors and/or singers
Health /healing/alternative medicine – Yoga


Household – Book a flight, pay your car tax researching cheapest/best car, hoover, toaster, flights
Household – Cleaning out closets
Household – Darning and Mending
Household – De-cluttering rooms,
Household – Finding things on ebay
Household – French Polishing
Household – Furniture Moving
Household – Garden/exterior maintainance
Household – Ironing
Household – Knitting
Household – Loan of a sewing machine
Household – Organise rooms/houses/gardens to be neat, tidy and attractive at minimal outlay
Household – Others
Household – Reorganizing spaces and vamping up spaces
Household – School book covering
Household – Turning sheets, patching
Household – Upholstery, furnishings

Job-seeking/Careers advice

Job-seeking/Careers advice – Coaching on job interview skills
Job-seeking/Careers advice – Completion of application forms
Job-seeking/Careers advice – CVs building, CVs vetting, Help with CVs
Job-seeking/Careers advice – Interview techniques/skills
Job-seeking/Careers advice – Others
Job-seeking/Careers advice – Training and career options


Languages – English
Languages – French
Languages – German
Languages – Irish
Languages – Italian
Languages – Others
Languages – Spanish
Languages – TEFL & EFL
Languages – Translations and interpreting services

Legal and tax advice

Legal and tax advice – Advocacy
Legal and tax advice – Annual tax returns for PAYE employees
Legal and tax advice – Legal advice (general)
Legal and tax advice – Medical claims
Legal and tax advice – Others
Legal and tax advice – Understanding government


Marketing – Basic marketing
Marketing – Email marketing
Marketing – Event management
Marketing – Online Advertising, PPC (Pay Per Click), Display Advertising
Marketing – Online/Internet/Digital marketing
Marketing – Others
Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Marketing – Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc)


Music – Drumming lessons
Music – Grinds basic guitar tuition convert Vinyl records to CD format
Music – Guitar lessons
Music – Music recording/production
Music – Others
Music – Piano lessons
Music – Singing lessons
Music – Theory
Music – Traditional flute, tin whistle and bodhran lessons
Music – Ukelele lessons
Music – Violin lessons

Office skills

Office skills – Articles
Office skills – Ghost-writing
Office skills – Graphics
Office skills – Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
Office skills – Others
Office skills – Photoshop
Office skills – Proof reading articles, letters etc, editing
Office skills – Set up spreadsheets for accounts purposes
Office skills – Typing reports
Office skills – Write letters

Personal care/life-coaching

Personal care/life-coaching – Anti-Bullying coaching
Personal care/life-coaching – Beauty Treatment
Personal care/life-coaching – CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and basic fist aid lessons
Personal care/life-coaching – Hairdressing
Personal care/life-coaching – Life coaching
Personal care/life-coaching – Others

Sport and leisure

Sport and leisure – Deck hand
Sport and leisure – Fishing
Sport and leisure – Kayaking
Sport and leisure – Navigation
Sport and leisure – Others
Sport and leisure – Running training
Sport and leisure – Surfing lessons
Sport and leisure – Swimming lessons
Sport and leisure – Tai-Chi
Sport and leisure – Underwater hull cleaning


Therapy – Addiction Advice
Therapy – Art Therapy
Therapy – Compensatory skills after disability or accident
Therapy – Holistic
Therapy – Hypnotherapy
Therapy – Multicultural counseling
Therapy – Music therapy
Therapy – Others
Therapy – Person Centered counselling
Therapy – Psychotherapy/counselling for emotional depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, post natal depression, relationship problems, sex and gender related problems
Therapy – Reflexology and Bowen Technique
Therapy – Voice therapy for people experiencing difficulties with their voice

Web Design

Web Design – Basic blogging
Web Design – Google analytics
Web Design – Others
Web Design – Photoshop
Web Design – SEO
Web Design – Setting up a website
Web Design – Social media marketing
Web Design – Web design
Web Design – WordPress

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